There are statistics all over the placing deriding the attachment rate of today’s apps. Rarely better than “ugh”, the stats state that most apps are quickly abandoned by those that chose to install them. The reasons are plenty, from poor design to sluggish performance, but, it can be as simple as cranial limitations. Users forget that they’ve even installed the relevant app and head to the website to take care of whatever.

What if you could deliver a smooth, well-designed app experience from there, the website. The location that most users land on after a quick Google search? That’s exactly what Wrap is doing. Wrap is capitalizing on the declining attachment rate of dedicated applications by delivering the same intuitive, clean design that we’ve come to expect from top tier apps. And the company is doing this in such a slick way that your development squad can easily take advantage of the “mobile engagement platform”. It’s looking to unleash “unprecedented engagement, activation and conversion delivering ROI.” Watch to hear how.