We’ve all heard of Dreamforce, the huge multi-day event Salesforce puts on every year packed and loaded with top of the game keynote speakers, next in class app exhibits, and more than you can chew classes and sit ins to further your Salesforce game. Going to Dreamforce puts you in the belly of the beast and spits you out a few days later with nothing but the latest and greatest of salesforce.

Unlike Dreamforce, the all new Salesforce World Tour is an event that spans several cities throughout multiple countries such as Japan, Germany, France, the United States, and more.

For those that have been to Dreamforce you might say, “Dreamforce is so huge, and I still couldn’t get to everything I wanted to see and do! How will I get this done in a day?” Well think of it this way, The World Tour is a mini Dreamforce that comes to YOUR city and compresses the idea of Dreamforce into a best-of one day event, and best of all its free! Who doesn’t like free?

The event is packed with keynotes, sessions, great speakers, all built and focused on helping you succeed in the salesforce ecosystem. It is also a great way to connect and meet new people in the industry. The World Tour still has 7 legs left on its tour, so make sure to check out the event nearest you and register for your cities event. Check out the highlights of the stop in Melbourne below.