thinkaholics_error_that_wouldnt_google_select_pages_accessibleIt’s not common that you head to Google for a little Salesforce help and can’t find a shred of support. I mean Google not turning up something? It’s unheard of! What is this a 1994 version of AltaVista doing the crawling today? Jokes aside, that’s exactly what happened to me on a rather, it turned out, rudimentary problem. Seeing as altering the search didn’t help me I figured I’d best contribute to the world’s knowledge of Salesforce so to ensure that should this error come up again there’s an actual page to be discovered.

That’s probably exactly how you got here, isn’t it?

The task at hand was simple, look into designing a custom Communities page to alter the generic login procedure. The client had no intention of making some fancy splash page or complicated login process. It simply wanted some additional control beyond the basic and easy-to-do branding that’s enable on default Community pages. Off went the resident Salesforce newbie following this guide to create new a new controller class and visualforce page. Everything went smashingly until the custom controller – named CustomInternalLogin – was to be enabled.

*WHAM* You can only select pages that are accessible by the Community Guest User

My first thought was “Oh, simple permission error the likes which pervade salesforce deployments high and low.” And it was, only it required quite a bit of ferreting out due to the implementation and naming schemes. You see, there wasn’t an actual user named Community Guest User as reported in the error. Correct profile determined it was a simple task to enabled access to the new Visualforce page created for the Community.

So, future Google searcher, I hoped that helped you out a bit.