Product Spotlight: SMS Magic

SMS Magic is a texting solution that is fully integrated within the Salesforce platform. So anytime you want to send text messages to potential clients or current clients, and you’re not getting any reception with calls and email — which is very common, text messaging is the new wave of communication. SMS Magic will seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, and it allows you to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing conversations that you’re having with your customers all within your Salesforce CRM.

One of their newer features is called conversation view. What it is is a tool built from a visualforce page that takes your history against your incoming and outgoing SMS messages, and turns it into what looks like a real live cell phone conversation on top of a contact record or lead record typically, but It can actually go on any type of object — standard or custom. The cool thing about it is – as you can imagine Salesforce out of the box you have to refresh the page to be able to see the history coming in and out. SMS Magic’s conversation view actually updates live and looks like a conversation, no refreshing needed.

It’s packed with other useful features as well. You can use scheduled and delayed messages, create custom templates with merge fields, automate your messages with workflow or process builder, even run SMS campaigns. This product is just another aveneue you can use to reach out to customers and improve customer contact, retainment, and your abililty to reach out.

You can check out a complete list of its features here, and to learn more about SMS Magic watch our interview with them at Midwest Dreamin 2017 below

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