Product Spotlight: Scribe

Scribe is a cloud integration platform that helps a lot of customers connect different data sources like Salesforce to other data sources so that you can easily get data to places that you need it to go

Although it is built on its own platform, they have public api’s for every function and every feature, so you can actually allow customers and partners build their own little applets in their salesforce instance.

It is a cloud solution so essentially they provide connectors that go in connected in two different applications and data sources and targets, and then you have the interface where you go in and graphically build-out Integrations.

There are over 100 pre-built connectors but they also provide a way for developers and business analyst to be able to build their own connectors if there’s a data source or an API that they have access to. The tool is easy access too, it’s all drag and drop, and has its own robust scheduler, along with real time integration using outbound messaging.

To find out more about scribe watch our video below


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