Product Spotlight: Geopointe

Geo-analytics is quickly growing as a tool within the salesforce ecosystem. Geopointe is one of the tools that can put geographic labels on your salesforce data and processes. It is common for sales organizations that are in field sales to gravitate to geopointe. They are looking to making their people more productive in the field. How does this work? Let’s paint a scenario.

Imagine someone you know traveling to an area, maybe they’re not super familiar with it but it’s part of their territory. They can plan ahead so they can understand what customers or prospects are in the area and plan a trip. But maybe a meeting drops, and on the fly through the mobile interface they can see who else is nearby they can visit within that new 2 hour slot that just freed up.

Rolling it up through the management levels now managers  are being able to see where their people have been, so as people are executing their routes they can check into those locations and physically log an activity with the added benefit of geography. This helps higher ups assess a whole new level of data, location.

Going further up the ladder to sales, it allows them to analyze the data and pinpoint where their revenue is coming from, where it isn’t and what locations can be focused on to increase ROI. It can also help you distribute your workforce based on growth and recessions.

Geopointe is a native salesforce appexchange product that has been out since 2010, check out our interview with them to hear about their updates and new features.


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