Product Spotlight: Cloud Craze

Cloud Craze is the only native ISV partnered B2B eCommerce platform build on Salesforce. They help companies like Coca cola sell online to things like restaurants and distributors.

Their customers are standardizing on salesforce and they want to manage everything in terms of customer relationships, and customer touch points on Salesforce. By launching commerce, they can sell their products online so they don’t need to take fax orders or take orders over the phone or have sales reps go to smaller shops to sell their products online. It really allows their customers to service and take sales online, so a lot of business buyers want to do their purchasing online, similar to an experience like buying on Amazon.

Cloud Craze is adaptable, working on any mobile device and comes lightning ready. Since it is native to the platform, no extra integration is required, making it easy for you to get started with the tool quickly. As for customization and branding, they work closely with system integrators on their open API infrastructure. To learn more about Cloud Craze, check out our video below

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