2016 was a big year for Salesforce, and while 2017 should bring opportunity for new advances and fresh starts, the momentum from 2016’s giant push hasn’t stopped. Thinkaholics is heading to our first event of the year and you should too. See the picture to the side? That is beautiful Lake Tahoe, and that is where the first major “Dreamin” community event is being held on January 20-21st. Dreamin’ events are a good blend between a local user group event with all the upsides of what a big event brings, like Dreamforce. That means quality demos, captivating keynotes from important members of the community, and a great opportunity to meet and network with others in the ecosystem.

Lake Tahoe during Winter

With the fresh reveal of Salesforces’ new computer learning genius Einstein, Tahoe Dreamin’ will be ripe with information on the new platform and all of its features. With over 15 sessions spread between admin, developer, and even non profit, there will be someone in it for everyone.

This years keynote speaker will be by Sarah Franklin who is the SVP Developer Relations & GM Trailhead at Salesforce. Since trailhead has been implemented the number of modules has grown exponentially with no sign of stopping.

If for some reason you can’t make it out to this event, be sure to keep track of the other Dreamin’ events that will be going on this year,such as Midwest, Snowforce, French Touch, London’s Calling, & more.