Marketers can tell when you open an email. That’s nothing new. What marketers don’t know is when you’re going to open an email. Perhaps the subject will trigger an expedient call to action seeing an open moments after delivery. For most email campaigns and individual deliveries, that’s nothing more than a pipe dream. Data delivery, wifi access, usage patterns, the list of why people open emails when they do is enormous. Did we mentioned boredom during meetings or killing time before returning to your second shift? All possible.

What do you do when you desire the knowledge of when each person is going to open an email but can’t guarantee it? You make your email in the vein of Diablo’s dungeons, dynamic. Instead of the undead, demons and liches coming at you from all angles Movable Ink modifies the email depending on various factors. Time, location, device and weather are just a few examples of the live elements available to marketers. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated team available (or ready) you can leverage the professional squad from Movable Ink itself.