If I were to be talking to a business owner 15 years ago, hell even 10 years ago, and told them that every phone conversation their salesman was having with customers could be stored and analyzed, they would’ve thought I was a time traveler from the distant future. Well the distant future has arrived, and the idea isn’t so crazy anymore.

While tools to convert audio to text have been around for quite awhile now, it hasn’t been until just recently that someone has taken it to the next level. With the huge progress of machine learning engines in the last year or so, there has been a huge trend in intuitive data analytics.

Founded in 2010, VoiceBase has quickly become the thought leader in speech analytics. With tools like VoiceBase, companies are available to even more data to help them make better business decisions with the data obtained through means that were previously unheard of.

“We are passionate about surfacing the insights from spoken information so that people and businesses can make better decisions.”

You would think that it would be such a gargantuan task to integrate something that processes so much data, but as an API platform, scale-ability is entirely possible, and since VoiceBase uses parallel processing, you can transcribe within minutes whether its a 3 minutes sales call or an 8 hour training webinar, as well as being a REST style API it makes the platform easily integrated since it is not natively built on a particular platform.

VoiceBase enables you to aggregate and quantify what keywords and phrases are being recorded. With a tool like that you can easily discover what your salesmen are doing right, or even doing wrong, and discover what trends are created based on their interactions.

For more information on speech analytics and to get more in depth with VoiceBase check out our interview with them at Dreamforce 2016

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