Salesforce doesn’t allow users to modify a collection of objects at the same time. Sure, you can edit any field present (and allowed) on a detail page, but what if you want to get to an Account’s Contact, then the associated Opportunity and its Contract. In any default implementation that’ll entail quite a bit of clicking around. Something your sales team may not understand nor care to comprehend. After all, they’re focusing on closing those sales, not messing needlessly with forms. Those forms and spreadsheets are simply and ends to a means.

gridbuddy does away with that by presenting all your relevant data in a tabular fashion (think Excel rows). Numerous fields? No problem. Related objects? You betcha! Disjointed objects? Why the heck not. In gridbuddy all the information is presented in a straight up fashion that’ll only be giving your mouseball a workout. Look to gridbuddy to give you faster processing for everyone, best sales team adoption and quicker sales.