If you were unaware, Texas if finally getting its own Dreamin’ event. As with recent trend Dreamin’ events have been starting up at a rapid pace over the last few years. With new events starting in Paris, Spain, and now Texas,  the trend is making these events get bigger and better. So Texas seemed fitting.

If you are local to the hub of big Texas cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, be sure to head to downtown Austin this weekend to check out the very first Texas Dreamin’ event.

Located at the Driskill, which is a long standing hotel that has been in Austin for quite some time, a great venue with a lot of character. The event will run May 11th – May 12th and is run by a host of local community leaders.

There will be something there for everyone, whether you are an admin, developer, partner, or consultant.

Sponsorship is spearheaded by companies Shellblack & Distribution Engine by NC. You will also find sponsors like Adobe Design, Skuid, and more.

The first event’s keynote speaker is Erica Kuhl. You can find more information about her here.

Whether you are trying to delve yourself deeper into the salesforce ecosystem, or take advantage of the wide array of seminars, this Texas sized event should have everything you need.

Find the complete detail at http://www.texasdreamin.org