Getting usable data from your video production expenses is paramount in this ever-increasing video-first world. Like it or not, the Internet is becoming less reliant on the written word as bandwidth speeds increase and costs decrease. These collections of letters sprawled inside HTML code will never leave us, much like books, but they are becoming more and more an afterthought as the Internet ages. You’re probably thinking “Isn’t that why we have YouTube?” In short, yes, it is. But, and this is a massive but that Sir Mix A Lot would be a fan of if it had an extra t, what if you, a brand leader, digital marketer or general creative, wanted to go beyond YouTube? What if you wanted to break the chains of the ecosystem? Enter VidYard.

VidYard is billed as “YouTube’s crime-fighting sidekick” that enables content creators to further customize a video experience while still leveraging the indispensable video platform. Don’t want to have viewers bounce to a competitor after viewing your hottest marketing video, then disable all outbound links with VidYard. Looking to add custom call-to-action buttons throughout the piece? No problem, you’re a couple of clicks away in YouTube. Want to select the relevant YouTube videos to place in a bumper? That’s a search away and right through the VidYard platform to boot. Don’t worry, you still get the all important YouTube analytics data, as well as data VidYard generates through its own features!