On September 19th, 2016, Salesforce unveiled its new superpower, Einstein, an AI innovation meant to thrive under the hood of your business processes and go unnoticed. It brings AI capabilities to your sales, service, and marketing. What is AI exactly? We’ve all seen The Terminator, but that’s not the kind of AI they are exactly going for in this situation.

Artificial Intelligence, is just that. It gives your CRM a brain, and makes it smarter. Having a tool that can think for itself and learn on its own is a tool that will be exponentially useful the longer it grows into your system. Salesforce Einstein is a breakthrough innovation that embeds advanced AI capabilities in the Salesforce Platform—in fields, objects, workflows, components and more—becoming your own personal data scientist. There are already several examples of AI already out there, look at Siri for Apple, or the facial recognition software from Facebook that helps you quickly tag photos. Even Spotify, which studies your musical tastes and builds playlists you would like, uses its own form of AI.


Eventually we will even be able to build AI powered apps, with either clicks or code, creating even more ways that we can interact with technology. Einstein will be driven by machine learning, which is just as complex as it sounds.


“Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.”


To put it simply, think of a car that can learn to give itself its own tune up, and learn how frequent these tune ups should occur, and what methods will make the tune up as efficient as possible.

Companies like Coca Cola, AWS, Seagate, U.S. Bank, and Air France are already using Einstein.

But the big question, is how will we use it?

Sales Cloud

In the sales cloud, Einstein will help your sales reps increase their productivity, giving them more time to go after leads and create opportunities. Einstein can automatically create tasks, and keep on top of your reminders, and help you follow up with prospects who have been out of touch.

Service Cloud

With a new case classification algorithm. Einstein can study your user history and supply information to your support rep that can be used to best help close a case. It can also learn to recommend responses and answers, helping answer your customer’s questions quickly. It can also study the lifespan of cases and increase the efficiency of your case pipeline by helping you route and escalate cases.

Marketing & Analytics Cloud

With Einstein, marketing departments can leverage predictive scoring, predictive audiences, language insights, and automated send-time optimization, which will increase email marketing ROI by determining at what times it is best to reach out by email to maximize a response by the customer.

There are also additions being added to Community and Commerce cloud, such as automated serviced escalation, automatic product recommendations, and more.

Is Einstein for everybody?

In order for Einstein to do its job, it needs to feed off large amounts of data. If your company isn’t in a large enough space to require serious data collection, you probably don’t need Einstein yet. You also have to make sure your Users are supplying and interacting with a lot of your data, so it can learn from them. Einstein cannot learn unless it is a 2 way street.

If you are interested in trying Einstein for yourself. Get started with the trailhead course here.


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