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Big News Coming From Salesforce Today

salesforce_announcementI’ll spare you the news about news post. The big announcement that Salesforce has been discussing for a while now is has already been revealed. Partly. It’s a major overhaul to the desktop version of Salesforce bringing it far closer in line with the slick mobile interface and utilizing Wave, a feature revealed at last year’s Dreamforce. A much-needed, if incredibly pricey, improvement over current options. It’s all wrapped up in another major reveal from last year, the Lightning platform. Broken out into three packages, the reveal covers the general CRM tool, customization and deeper down the Salesforce1 mobile rabbit hole.

What we’ve learned from this morning is quite exciting, but there’s plenty more to come. If you can’t make it out to a Salesforce Usergroup viewing parties be sure to join the rest of the world viewing the full reveal later today via livestream.

We’ll update the post with a livestream video when/if it’s available.

Reporting Snapshots Offer Some Value; Still An Astronomical Unit Away From Excel

thinkaholics_salesforce_snapshots_excel_trend_analysisSalesforce has an amazing marketing and sales team. Naturally, the company looks to target specific users groups, the decision makers, to garner buy-in then adoption. An oft repeated strategy is to focus on what makes upper management foam at the mouth, data. Let’s face it, features, bugs, implementation, it ends up as background noise once reports start flowing and RoI can be determined. The basic Reports feature of the platform is just that, basic. Excel junkies, like myself, scoff at its limited visualizations capabilities and options. Sure, it’s awesome that it automates how many calls came in last week or the total conversions for Q1, but single data points are largely useless.

Salesforce introduced Wave to the Analytics Cloud at Dreamforce 2014. At $125/user/m (billed annually) for the most basic access and $250/user/m (billed annually) for any true data junkie, the platform is out of reach for most companies. That leaves many wondering how they can use their amazing cloud platform to do week over week trend analysis. That’s where the semi-new Reporting Snapshots enters the fray (formerly known at Salesforce Analytic Snapshot) and barely passes the muster.

If you’re new to Reporting Snapshots, here are links to two relevant Salesforce explanations, basic details and how to define a snapshot. Unfortunately, the information is somewhat useless regardless of your status as a BA or system admin. Head over to ebsta for a far more instructional breakdown. Read More