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New Year, New Salesforce Events

2016 was a big year for Salesforce, and while 2017 should bring opportunity for new advances and fresh starts, the momentum from 2016’s giant push hasn’t stopped. Thinkaholics is heading to our first event of the year and you should too. See the picture to the side? That is beautiful Lake Tahoe, and that is where the first major “Dreamin” community event is being held on January 20-21st. Dreamin’ events are a good blend between a local user group event with all the upsides of what a big event brings, like Dreamforce. That means quality demos, captivating keynotes from important members of the community, and a great opportunity to meet and network with others in the ecosystem.

Lake Tahoe during Winter

With the fresh reveal of Salesforces’ new computer learning genius Einstein, Tahoe Dreamin’ will be ripe with information on the new platform and all of its features. With over 15 sessions spread between admin, developer, and even non profit, there will be someone in it for everyone.

This years keynote speaker will be by Sarah Franklin who is the SVP Developer Relations & GM Trailhead at Salesforce. Since trailhead has been implemented the number of modules has grown exponentially with no sign of stopping.

If for some reason you can’t make it out to this event, be sure to keep track of the other Dreamin’ events that will be going on this year,such as Midwest, Snowforce, French Touch, London’s Calling, & more.

The Salesforce World Tour Is Coming To My City, So What’s It All About?

We’ve all heard of Dreamforce, the huge multi-day event Salesforce puts on every year packed and loaded with top of the game keynote speakers, next in class app exhibits, and more than you can chew classes and sit ins to further your Salesforce game. Going to Dreamforce puts you in the belly of the beast and spits you out a few days later with nothing but the latest and greatest of salesforce.

Unlike Dreamforce, the all new Salesforce World Tour is an event that spans several cities throughout multiple countries such as Japan, Germany, France, the United States, and more.

For those that have been to Dreamforce you might say, “Dreamforce is so huge, and I still couldn’t get to everything I wanted to see and do! How will I get this done in a day?” Well think of it this way, The World Tour is a mini Dreamforce that comes to YOUR city and compresses the idea of Dreamforce into a best-of one day event, and best of all its free! Who doesn’t like free?

The event is packed with keynotes, sessions, great speakers, all built and focused on helping you succeed in the salesforce ecosystem. It is also a great way to connect and meet new people in the industry. The World Tour still has 7 legs left on its tour, so make sure to check out the event nearest you and register for your cities event. Check out the highlights of the stop in Melbourne below.

Wise.io – Machine Learning as a Service & Big Data Analytics (Interview)

Salesforce made a big splash (pun intended) at Dreamforce 2014 this year with the announcement of Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Don’t miss our conversation with Joshua Bloom where we talk about Wise.io and how it can help you get the most out of the Analytics Cloud.

Wise.io provides machine-learning models that enable companies to optimize the customer experience.

Distribution Engine – Salesforce Round Robin Lead & Case Assignment (Interview)

Lead and Case AssignmentHow can you share work among your teams, quickly, fairly, and intelligently? We met with Neil Crawford at Dreamforce 2014 to learn about Distribution Engine.

Distribution Engine is a powerful and easily configurable rules based engine that ensures your Leads and Cases (or any standard or custom objects) are distributed to team members in an intelligent and timely manner. Improve Sales rep and service agent productivity.

SteelBrick – Configure, Price, Quote Software 100% Native on Salesforce (Interview)

For most companies Salesforce pricebooks fall short of what you truly need. Check out our Dreamforce 2014  interview with Will Wiegler to learn more about SteelBrick, a native Salesforce CPQ product.

SteelBrick is a Next Generation Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) apps with 5-10x faster deployment than traditional CPQ – built 100% on Salesforce.

CloudLock – Salesforce Protecting Data In The Cloud (Interview)

ClockLockDo you truly know where your data is and how its being used in the cloud? We ran into Ron Zalkind at Dreamforce 2014 to talk about what CloudLock is doing to help companies secure their data.

CloudLock is a Salesforce AppExchange product that enables organizations to enforce regulatory, operational, and security compliance in public cloud platforms.

OpDots – Salesforce Data Visualization and Productivity (Interview)

OpDots DashboardYou have invested time and money into getting your data into Salesforce. Are you getting the most out of it? I met with Rick Holt at Dreamforce 2014 to talk about OpDots and how it can help you visualize your data.

OpDots is an at-a-glance data visualization matrix that enables front line and management employees to see the real-time status of all Sales, Customer Service, and IT cases.

OpDots works with any CRM, ERP, Teradata, or commercial/homegrown API-based data system.

Implisit – Salesforce Email Integration and Automatic Data Entry Solution (Interview)

Implisit Product OverviewThe end of CRM data entry has a nice ring to it. We met with Gilad Raichshtain, the founder and CEO of Implisit, this year at Dreamforce 2014.

Implisit is a Salesforce AppExchange product that updates your prospect and customer communications to the appropriate CRM record, letting you manage your pipeline more effectively while saving you and your team valuable time on tedious tasks.

Spanning – The Only In-App Backup Solution for Salesforce (Interview)

Spanning Backup for SalesforceThis year at Dreamforce 2014 we caught up with Garrett Jones, the VP of Sales for Spanning, to discuss Spanning Backup.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce is the first and only backup and restore solution delivered directly within the Salesforce interface. Backing up and recovering from data loss is easy with Spanning Backup’s automated, secure, point-in-time backups and granular, on-page restores.