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Let Your Voice Be Heard…And Analyzed Into Data?

If I were to be talking to a business owner 15 years ago, hell even 10 years ago, and told them that every phone conversation their salesman was having with customers could be stored and analyzed, they would’ve thought I was a time traveler from the distant future. Well the distant future has arrived, and the idea isn’t so crazy anymore.

While tools to convert audio to text have been around for quite awhile now, it hasn’t been until just recently that someone has taken it to the next level. With the huge progress of machine learning engines in the last year or so, there has been a huge trend in intuitive data analytics.

Founded in 2010, VoiceBase has quickly become the thought leader in speech analytics. With tools like VoiceBase, companies are available to even more data to help them make better business decisions with the data obtained through means that were previously unheard of.

“We are passionate about surfacing the insights from spoken information so that people and businesses can make better decisions.”

You would think that it would be such a gargantuan task to integrate something that processes so much data, but as an API platform, scale-ability is entirely possible, and since VoiceBase uses parallel processing, you can transcribe within minutes whether its a 3 minutes sales call or an 8 hour training webinar, as well as being a REST style API it makes the platform easily integrated since it is not natively built on a particular platform.

VoiceBase enables you to aggregate and quantify what keywords and phrases are being recorded. With a tool like that you can easily discover what your salesmen are doing right, or even doing wrong, and discover what trends are created based on their interactions.

For more information on speech analytics and to get more in depth with VoiceBase check out our interview with them at Dreamforce 2016

Revenova TMS: Making Cloud-based Shipping a Thing

When I was still being schooled by professors in stuffy rooms I heard an adage quite a few times on my way to an MBA. It went something like ‘the least sexy businesses can be the most profitable.’ The point these professors were trying to make is that glamor often begets more competition, which will eat into your profit. Enter in the shipping industry, as old as trade itself. Moving stuff around has been maximized by now, right? That same belief was held in the 1980s until the unprecedented rise of standardized shipping containers. Revenova believes we’re in another state of disruption bringing its multi-modal transportation management system to the cloud.

Revenova TSM is a fully native force.com solution that the firm labels as “shipping made easy”. That’s and unqualified statement. The easy is for all departments, sales, customer service and, naturally, the shipping department itself. Revenova TSM was built with every type of company in mind, from shippers to third-party logistics companies (3PL).

SpringCM Document Managing Covers Marketing, Contract & Much More

SpringCM built its entire suite of AppExchange offers to help shorten the sales cycle for sales teams and reseller partners. The company has put together a cloud document management system focusing on workflow automation to help simplify the contract management process. SpringCM designed its solutions, from Get It to Manage It to File It, to integrate quickly and flawlessly into current business processes with a measurable return on the investment.

Take control of your contracts. Organize your internal and external files smarter. Track your deals on the go. And deliver relevant marketing documents to your sales team the moment they need them. All from SpringCM, your Salesforce document management solution provider.

Spanning: Cloud Storage Doesn’t “Protect You from You”!

Having your data in the cloud is a great business move. Making that call limits your hardware footprint. This frees your IT team to focus on beneficial projects unconcerned about routine maintenance. Furthermore, projects they’re routinely concerned with, scaling to meet business needs, becomes far easier to manage. Business units can leverage the power of cloud to scale up, or down, as the market reacts to their latest initiative. What the cloud doesn’t do is offer a 100%, fool proof way to protect your data. Uptimes aren’t even 100%. Nor do today’s cloud providers offer recovery of your cloud implementation.

Spanning aims to fill this gap. Regardless of the concerns, user error, implementation error or integration error, Spanning backups everything from field-specific data to the metadata that encapsulates your Salesforce implementation. Recover from the worst “permanent” deletions in a few clicks, even child and grandchildren, if you want the descendants at all! Through constant logs, reporting and integrated Chatter messaging your admin will be fully aware of what’s going on, positive or negative.

Enter Data Faster with GridBuddy & Get Back to Selling Quickly

Salesforce doesn’t allow users to modify a collection of objects at the same time. Sure, you can edit any field present (and allowed) on a detail page, but what if you want to get to an Account’s Contact, then the associated Opportunity and its Contract. In any default implementation that’ll entail quite a bit of clicking around. Something your sales team may not understand nor care to comprehend. After all, they’re focusing on closing those sales, not messing needlessly with forms. Those forms and spreadsheets are simply and ends to a means.

gridbuddy does away with that by presenting all your relevant data in a tabular fashion (think Excel rows). Numerous fields? No problem. Related objects? You betcha! Disjointed objects? Why the heck not. In gridbuddy all the information is presented in a straight up fashion that’ll only be giving your mouseball a workout. Look to gridbuddy to give you faster processing for everyone, best sales team adoption and quicker sales.

SwagIQ – Close the deal with Intelligent Gifting in Salesforce

SwagIQ from PrintForLess.com makes it easy for your salespeople to reach out and connect with prospects at the perfect moment with the perfect gift. With SwagIQ, your sales team will increase pipeline generation, shorten sales cycles, and close more deals through intelligent gifting. Personalize, send, and track your company’s gifts directly through Salesforce. Stand out from your competitors and influence the sales cycle with the right gift at the right time. Streamline your gifting program using SwagIQ.

• Salesforce-based alerts notify you of opportune times throughout the sales cycle to leverage gifting
• Your company’s custom gift store is stocked with items that reflect your brand and your sales initiatives
• Receive notification when your gift is delivered for a perfectly timed follow-up
• Make more live connections and close more deals with a thoughtful, strategic approach Reports and analytics
• Monitor which gifts sales reps send and how they correlate to revenue and win rates
• Allocate and track team and individual gifting budgets
• Analyze your gifts’ impact on pipeline and live connect rates


Apttus Delivers Quotes, Proposals, Contracts & Renewals all Inside Salesforce

Apttus, one of the earliest adopters of the Salesforce platform, aims to automate the entire “quote-to-cash process”. The end-to-end solution offers a variety of tools to extend the platform, including eCommerce, channel partner management and even external integration with popular products like Word and Excel. All connected to Salesforce by the guidance selling feature of Apptus.

CPQ and contract management from Apttus is far beyond the basic Pricebook feature of Salesforce. Mistakes are negated, rework is minimized and contracts are enforced. Apttus has done such a solid job extending the inherent features of Pricebook that Salesforce itself leverages the application for its own quoting and contract management!

That’s quite a vote of confidence.

Geopointe for Salesforce Uses Your Geographic Data to Optimize Your Business

The idea behind Big Data is leveraging all of that customer and business information your corporation receives to increase revenue. The easy wins is when an analysis of data leads to a clear correlation to revenue, like marketing expenditures bringing in more opportunities. Many companies have had their hands around that for ages. We’re now in a place in computing and business were easy wins aren’t the only data sets getting analyzed.

Using customer data to target specific geographical locations is the crux of Geopointe. In addition to aiding managers in targeting customized regions, analyzing regional opportunities and revenues, the Geopointe mapping app adds the “Where?” to all of a managers questions. Plan meetings with customers, conventions in a region densely populated with opportunities or understand where shipping costs could be lowered.

Those are just some of the ideas that this native Salesforce app could aid your business with. The power of Geopointe’s integration, customization and mobile presence leave plenty of other opportunities to transforming your geological data into increased revenues and cost savings.

Limit Your Windshield Time with MapAnything

MapAnything lives up to its name. Created by Cloudbilt, the native Salesforce application enables users to map custom and standard objects alike. A 100% native product, it’s nearly impossible to overload your view with information. Not that your brain could handle the 250,000+ objects anyways.

Get up and running quickly with a quick install, or fully leverage the app to aid your sales team to the utmost. The easy-to-use Salesforce1 mobile app will promote adoption by giving your reps quick information on customers local to them, helping plan their day and, perhaps best off all, ensuring an optimized route to lower windshield time.

Available on the platform since 2009, Cloudbilt encourages the use of its high-end features like customer territory management, where admins can specify customer territories, and activity integration to track where and when a customer had a sales or marketing interaction.

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