Road to Dreamforce

Do you feel it yet? Dreamforce is right around the corner! There will be over 150,000 people descending on San Francisco.

With over 1600+ breakout sessions, 35 keynotes, 8000+ non profit attendees, 416 unique sponsors, 3 new product launches, and  a $1 million fundraising goal to further the fight against aids expect to be amazed.

We have put together a Road to Dreamforce video guide to help you get ready. We will be rolling out these videos throughout the week.

The Experience

To kick it off we’ve put together a short experience video from our trip last year.

What to Expect

We got a chance to sit down with Hector Perez (@hectorperezjr) and Josh Monson (@jpmonson). They lay out what you should be able to expect from this years Dreamforce.

LiveIntent Offers Two-sided Network Effects to Your Email Marketing

Receiving permission to advertise to people is nice. Having them come to you and provide their information shows engagement and intent. Effectively, the gold mine of marketing. How can you take such engagement a step further? You’ve already been given permission to leverage their contact info. Selling your own product is easy, but what if you can help partners sell their wares alongside your? That’s one aspect of what LiveIntent can offer an email marketer.

That two-sided network effect is built upon a platform that targets its ads to the individual. The holder of the email address. The fully integrated LiveIntent enables marketers to quickly select segment from Marketing Cloud to import to the custom platform before launching the email campaign, regardless of who develops the creative content. Check out the full interview to see how LiveIntent can revolutionize your email marketing campaigns with real-time email offer optimization.

Leverage Every Corporate Email as a Marketing Opportunity with Sigstr

Your employees send, oh, roughly a kabillion emails in a year. That’s kabillion, with a k. Every digital message sent has the potential to be part of your marketing strategy if leveraged smartly. Unfortunately for most, they’re not managed at all. Tom will have a ridiculous emoki-based signature and Connie will link to her aspiring actor son’s Hollywood resume. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can tailor the message. Easily and cheaply. Sigstr is smart marketing through email signatures.

The goal is to simply manage employee emails to ensure a consistent branded message. Partner that with the ability to inject call-to-action banners and each correspondence becomes a part of a new, powerful and inexpensive marketing channel via campaign banners. Worried about email server integration? Valid concern. Luckily, Sigstr can be injected with all major email platforms from Exchange to Gmail.

Build, Clean & Segment Your Email Lists with FreshAddress

What’s more infuriating than an email bounce back? It doesn’t really matter who you are or what role you have. Customer support reps and marketers alike despise the automated response from a drone of a server. It means your handcrafted message offering an elegant solution or creative spark kicking off a new campaign has flown into the void. The black hole of the Internet. FreshAddress is built to repair this, and many other nuisances that strike any business with addresses, physical or electronic.

The focus remains raising your company’s email marketing return on investment. This is why the email database services provider has created so many tools to ensure cleanliness. Segmenting, list building, scoring, cleaning and updating have helped the company process 6 billion emails since it began in 1999. Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.

Visit http://www.freshaddress.com/ to get a trial for FreshAddress. The Email Address Experts.

Bring All the Video Data to the Yard with VidYard

Getting usable data from your video production expenses is paramount in this ever-increasing video-first world. Like it or not, the Internet is becoming less reliant on the written word as bandwidth speeds increase and costs decrease. These collections of letters sprawled inside HTML code will never leave us, much like books, but they are becoming more and more an afterthought as the Internet ages. You’re probably thinking “Isn’t that why we have YouTube?” In short, yes, it is. But, and this is a massive but that Sir Mix A Lot would be a fan of if it had an extra t, what if you, a brand leader, digital marketer or general creative, wanted to go beyond YouTube? What if you wanted to break the chains of the ecosystem? Enter VidYard.

VidYard is billed as “YouTube’s crime-fighting sidekick” that enables content creators to further customize a video experience while still leveraging the indispensable video platform. Don’t want to have viewers bounce to a competitor after viewing your hottest marketing video, then disable all outbound links with VidYard. Looking to add custom call-to-action buttons throughout the piece? No problem, you’re a couple of clicks away in YouTube. Want to select the relevant YouTube videos to place in a bumper? That’s a search away and right through the VidYard platform to boot. Don’t worry, you still get the all important YouTube analytics data, as well as data VidYard generates through its own features!

A Simple Apex Test Class for REST API

APIs with the force.com platform are incredibly powerful. They let developers perform simple CRUD operations with the most basic code. The use of various API methods is only becoming more and more common. And yet there are scant few concrete examples of writing a test class. Searching generally turns up high-level examples and descriptions. This post is geared to correct that problem. It’s a very simple, yet concrete example of a REST API class and a related test class required for deployment. Nothing fancy, but, shockingly lacking across the salesforce development ecosystem.

Let’s set the stage

What you see below is a very simple class that leverages the Rate custom object. Rate records are incredibly basic. They hold a handful of details around the cost for a service. This includes fields like Name and Cost. The ROWSRate class below simply returns a list of the Rate items and their cost as a JSON object in about 20 lines of code. That’s it. Read More